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333 Belmont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90026
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A Day in Echo Park

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Echo Park offers a million things to do for the outdoor enthusiast. Whether you are interested in hiking, nature, picnics in the park, farmers markets, or music venues, Echo Park offers a tremendous amount of quality options for outdoor adventures.

Take a stroll in Elysian Park

The outdoor space in Echo Park is laid out for runners and bikers to enjoy. Elysian Park offers cyclists a place to excel. With gentle curves and smaller hills with some altitude, you can get your blood pumping. The highly underrated Elysian Park has some of the best views the city has to offer, and it isn’t as crowded as Griffith Park. You can even catch a glimpse of the Dodger Stadium while taking a refreshing hike!

Elysian Park is located at 929 Academy Rd, Los Angeles, CA.

Pedal Boat on Echo Park Lake

Just as its name suggests, Echo Park is a place where you can always find locals around the lake, or enjoying a picnic and a book on the grass.

Additionally, you will always find vendors selling delicious snacks, and the Square One at the Boathouse offers drinks and pastries, too. So, now that you’ve eaten, it’s time to get to Echo Park Lake!

Echo Park Pedal Boats have become very popular again since the lake reopened after a massive renovation. Now, you can rent pedal boats to cruise around the lake, and gondolas and canoes as well!

Echo Park Lake is located at 751 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90026

Music Venues at Echo Park

To enjoy outdoor music at its finest, Echo Park offers THE ECHO & AMP (ECHOPLEX), one of the hippest nightclubs in the city featuring nightly music events. Ticket prices are very reasonable, which makes this a perfect place to find new bands in the L.A. music scene. The Echo & Echoplex music venues are well known for their outlandish bookings and embrace Indie groups from a diverse talent base, from well known to new on the scene.

The Echo + Echoplex is located at 1154 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Echo Park’s Cookbook

For those of you into healthy eating, Cookbook is Echo Park’s greengrocer. Offering the freshest produce, organic foods, and craft products like artisan bread, cheese, preserves, eggs, meats, and all the amazing variety of fruit and vegetables that California has to offer.

Cookbook ensures that all of the products they stock are responsibly grown, which makes for extra tasty food.

Cookbook is located at 1549 Echo Park Ave Los Angeles 90026

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart

This may be a unique place Echo Park has to offer. The Echo Park Time Travel Mart is an eclectic little shop that offers everything you need to travel back and forth in time, such as fresh dinosaur eggs, robot milk, and Viking deodorant… Yes, for real!

This convenience store is not only for children, but grown-ups also enjoy time traveling too. All proceeds from this convenience mart go to a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children develop their writing skills.

Fun fact: There’s even a classroom behind a secret door in the back of the shop!

In conclusion, the incredible amount of open public spaces in Echo Park offer families, couples, and individuals an excellent opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful climate that helps to make Echo Park a perfect spot to live.

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart is located at 1714 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

This fantastic neighborhood offers a lot of outdoor activities for the people who live there and for visitors worldwide. Also, the beautiful Mediterranean climate makes Echo Park an excellent place for year-round outdoor activities.

So, no matter what you are looking for, outdoor living, and recreation like paddle boating, canoeing, music venues, and, of course, people watching… there is always something to do in Echo Park.


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