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333 Belmont Ave Los Angeles, CA 90026
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Larry Bond - Los Angeles, CA

9/28/2017 * * * * *

333B is a community and not just a brand new apartment building. Getting together for yoga, wine and cheese nights and live music connects everyone plus the rooftop deck with views from downtown to Hollywood is a great way to relax, surf the net or spend time with friends.


Norah A. - Burbank, CA

9/28/2017 * * * * *

I found this building randomly through my online search for apartments, on a quick visit a day after I decided I have finally found my new apartment! Modern, sleek, nice amenities, and a washer and dryer in EVERY UNIT! I quickly filled an application to this gorgeous building. The decision was mostly because the property manager Bri Sarikcioglu was very accommodating, she was able to see me in short notice, answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns, she was very upfront and honest about each unit we saw and recommended the one that I ended up choosing, she held the unit for me as I filled up the application, I reached a point where I almost gave up on finding anything as good in my desired price range. They had a free parking special for labor day and I submitted an application a week after and I just asked if I can still get the offer and Bri was able to waive the fees for me to honor that offer since it was close to my application. Also, knowing that I'm a foreigner on an F1 visa but currently working and with a new social security everything can be twice as hard but she still said we'll still take the unit off for you apply and lets see what happens. She was so sweet, answered all my calls and texts up to the point where I got my keys last week. Even though my move in is scheduled to Oct 1st, I did explain I usually overlap some days to move at my own pace and she told no worries I can give you the keys before so you ease in your move and still keep your move in for Oct 1st. Bri is so sweet, and so professional. I cannot wait to start living there, already all the process has been smooth and Bri has been attentively throughout which is always a plus in a property manager!! I almost forgot the free yoga and views at the rooftop is what dreams are made of! Thank you 333B!!


Carey Frank - Los Angeles, CA

9/12/2017 * * * * *

I just moved to La from Florida and wanted to live near downtown but not right in the center of downtown. Found 333B from their Craigslist ad. Their onsite manager, Bree, was very helpful and knowledgeable. The rooftop is beautiful and being a dog owner I love the pet spa.


Kyle M. - Los Angeles, CA

7/24/2017 * * * * *

I tagged along with a friend to the grand opening party and was surprisingly blown away. I hadn't expected to be so impressed but my jaw dropped when I saw the complex. The best way to describe it... magnificent. It has a very modern, sharp-look with great symmetry and well-developed architecture (OCD satisfied!) Each unit is very spacious, with high ceilings and great sound-proofing. As well, the management was very warm and hospitable. They engaged me in conversation, offered free food/drinks and created a pleasant and memorable experience. As soon as I get that promotion at work, I'll be sending in a new-tenant application. #NewGoals


Deanna L. - Santa Clarita, CA

7/22/2017 * * * * *

The entire building is a gorgeous example of sustainable living. I recently took the tour and cannot believe the stunning views from the rooftop and the number of events they hold there for their residents. We enjoyed a recent music event last week and simply loved the new management company, and everything they have to offer!


Arianna V. - Laguna Niguel, CA

7/21/2017 * * * * *

Loved these apartments! I stayed here for a few days with my good friends sister who lives there. If I had the choice I'd move there in a heartbeat. These apartments have really cool art work, a gym, and a jacuzzi as well! It has a fantastic view of LA from the top. It's a well secured apartment complex, and having a cafe down the street is a plus!


Carey F. - Los Angeles, CA

7/21/2017 * * * * *

The building is amazing, awesome art, cool manager... love everything about living here!! Especially the location, live entertainment on our roof, and the manager!


S R. - Los Angeles, CA

5/19/2017 * * * * *

Lots to say about this building - first there's a lot of construction going on and it's going to be pretty grand once it's finished.

I am new to the area and wanted to live in Downtown LA in a loft style building. this building came up during my search and I figured why not.

My roommate and I were looking for a 2x2 so I was totally intrigued to see the lofts that they had. If the loft had been enclosed I would have rented it. Surely need to full rooms with two guys living in it. We both really want to live in a loft and the three bedroom loft was way out of our price range.

I came by the property and ended up bumping into the Property Manager. She took me on a tour and asked me to "pardon our dust" along the way. I thought that was funny because even though we walked through so many obstacles workers, landscapers, even electrical cords on the ground. She made it very pleasant and did her best to show me the Property.

This is like a new hidden GEM in this area. Property has a long way to go for sure.



333B Echo Park

333B Luxury Apartments
333 Belmont Ave
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