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The Best Pet-friendly Apartments in Los Angeles

The Best Pet-friendly Apartments in Los Angeles

At 333B, we completely understand how important your furry companion is to you, and we know that perhaps, one of the most significant difficulties in moving to a new place has to do with finding a dog-friendly or cat-friendly apartment building.

The benefits of moving into a pet-friendly apartment are huge for everyone. Having a pet to share games, walks, laughs, and races with is not only pleasant for animals, it also benefits the physical, emotional and psychological health of its adult owner.

Having a pet (especially a dog) can mean, for many people, a reason to go out and take several walks every day. Although the main reason for these trips is for the benefit of the pet, owners can also benefit from these outings! A low triglyceride level, as well as low blood pressure, are only a few of the benefits that can be achieved by walking your dog at least once a day.

At 333B Echo Park, you will also find amenities that were specially designed for your furry friend. Not only is the Echo Park Lake nearby, but 333B is also equipped with an on-site bark park where your doggie can meet and play with other pups while you relax and meet all the other pet-lovers that live in our 333B Luxury Apartments.

But that's not all! 333B also has paw-spa on-site, where we will pamper your kitty without you having to leave the building! There are also dog-walkers available, pet-sitting and quarterly vet-talks, so your pet can have regular checkups and deal with any specific pet issues that pop up month after month.

Our pet-friendly apartments in Echo Park also feature a Pet Halloween Costume Contest, Holiday Pet Paw-Ty, and Happy Barkday Parties, so your furry pal never gets bored!

No matter what type of pet you have, (dog, cat, bird, hamster), just know that our Pet-Friendly Apartments in Echo Park are currently the best option for people who own pets and want to combine all the amenities, lifestyle, fun spaces and all the other elements of beauty that are unique to Echo Park.


333B Echo Park

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